Fixing Ubuntu’s Login Resolution

I love having a Linux VM kicking around, just in case I need it for something. It’s great for messing around in – and being a developer that dabbles in reverse engineering, Linux is far superior to Windows for the majority of the kind of stuff I do at home.

However, after putting a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 VM on one of my machines, I couldn’t seem to get the login screen, referred to as the “greeter”, to use the same resolution as when I was logged in. So of course, I scoured the internet in search of a cure.

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Process is a Dirty Word

Look, we need to be able to do things quickly…

We don’t need any extra overhead, it’ll just slow us down.

Why do we need that? We’re doing fine.

These are just some things I hear routinely from people in the software industry. Software development is still a young industry, relatively speaking – construction, law, business, and umpteen others have been around for ages. As a result, they’ve had cultures and “ways of doing things” firmly established. That’s the key here: ways of doing things. The software industry has barely had enough time to decide on the best way to do things, not to mention the vast majority of companies are hardly at the frontier of software process.

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